Thursday, January 20, 2011

Auto shipping quotes how to save some money

When you think about car shipping, the first thing that comes to the mind will be the auto shipping quotes. The quotes are usually determined by analyzing certain factors. The main factor that determines the quote would be the total auto transport distance that the car requires to travel. If a car is moving from New York to Florida, the rate would be less compared to the rate of moving a car from New York to California. The second consideration would be given to the make and model of the car that is been transported. If the automobile is a regular family car the rate would not be much. However, if the car is vintage or classic, special care should be given and hence the rate would be more.

Even though the cars are transported in carriers, they should essentially be in good condition. The operating condition of the vehicle is an important consideration during car shipping. If the car is not in working condition and it needs to be pushed onto the vehicle carrier, the price may be increased accordingly. But if the car is in working condition, it can be easily driven onto it. The size and weight of the vehicle also matters much during the shipping. A large sized vehicle may cost more than a small compact family car. This is because if the carrier is taking a large vehicle, large space would be occupied and that means fewer vehicles on the delivery.

Suppose, if your vehicle is very expensive and you would need an extra insurance coverage. Then that would add to the auto transport quote. The extra insurance would ensure added protection. The car shipping quote would be based on all or any of these reasons. Also when you hire an auto transport company, you would be asked to provide details about your car. The quote would be based on such information that you give. Make sure that you have given necessary details. Moreover, if you have special requirements for oversized tires, lowered vehicle body and running condition, mention it clearly.

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